How Much Does A Website Cost?

Website prices start from £600*. Get in touch for a quote.

*This price does not include domain fees and annual hosting fees.

What Other Costs Are Involved With Running A Website?

Domain registration and hosting are annual costs associated with having a website.

Check out this blog post for more information: https://www.seesee.ie/blog/creating-a-website

How Much Does Hosting Cost Per Year?

The price of hosting varies on the type of package you go for. Prices start from £144 per year. This can also be paid monthly but works out more expensive. I have an exclusive discount on the first year of every website.

This money goes towards Squarespace so that your website will load when typed in by a user. I will explain the different packages and help you pick which is best for your website.

What Platform Do You Use To Build Websites?


How Long Does It Take For A Website To Be Completed?

A website can typically be put together and put online within two weeks, but this depends on things such as having all the information, pictures and features you want to put on the website ready to go.

Can I Update The Website Myself?


I will teach you how to update your website and make sure you are comfortable in doing so. I will always be on the end of the telephone anytime you need.

Alternatively, I can update the website for you when needed. Any updates and changes made within the first year are included. They will then be charged on an hourly rate after the first year.

What Other Services Do You Offer?